[MAP - JAPAN] SEKISUI Chô & SUZUKI Kien. [ZOTEI DAI NIHON KOKUGUN YOCHI ROTEI ZENZU]. Edo, Osaka & Kyoto. Zodiacal date of Kaei 5 [1852]. Identical to the copy illustrated online from the UC Berkeley collection, save that their copy is a standard one-piece folding map in covers. Ours is the same size when assembled (some 102 x 183 cm) but is bound in 12 separate folding sections, each identified on the cover by area, each approximately 35 x 46 cm. This would seem to have been done by the publisher for ease of use, a series of "pocket maps". They are all enclosed in a small clasped chitsu case, some 12 x 8 x 3 cm in size, with a mica-paper liner and a cloth exterior. There is a smaller size version (?), some 72 x 40, at 1852.1 in the first volume of Beans, referenced from Ramming, 1934, at #28 - obviously a misprint of some kind, as it would be hard to understand a smaller size recut map existing. In any case, a very interesting format and a lovely, detailed map in a "modern" style, employing degrees of latitude but printed in traditional color woodblock. Very good condition, impression and colors. An excellent example of Japanese cartography in transition.