[MAP - JAPAN]. [SETTSU NO KUNI MEISHO]. Kyoto, Kimura Juyôdô, Kan'en Gannen [1748]. A handcolored woodblock printed map of Settsu provice, containing the area of Osaka castle, etc. 117.3 X 129.1 cm, folds into heavy paper covers of approximately 27.7 x 18.9 cm. The original title slip is gone, replaced by a handbrushed label: "Osaka no Kuni" "Carte?? Baie d'Osacca". A lovely and interesting map, found at Beans main volume, p.22, 1748.1. Condition is very good, printed on very strong and supple paper. Our copy has different hand-coloring than the Beans map. The Beans copy hand-colors the harbor, ours hand-colors the land, primarily. From the collection of Roger Keyes.