[AVANT-GARDE]. KINDAI BIJUTSU SHICHÔ KÔZA   L'IDEE ET L'ESPRIT DE L'ART MODERNE. Tokyo: Atelier-sha, Shôwa 12, 13 [1937, 38].  Six volumes in printed publisher's slipcases.  22.5 x 16.3 cm.  Cloth-bound western-style.  A fascinating series of volumes.  The critics Sagara Tokuzô and Araki Sueo wrote REALISME and FAUVISME, respectively.  The artists Ihara Usaburo, Fukuzawa Ichiro, Kanbara Tai and Hasegawa Saburô wrote CUBISME; SURREALISME; FUTURISME, EXPRESSIONISME, DADAISME; and ABSTRACT ART.  The product of a time when Japan justly felt itself to be firmly in the vanguard of world art.  The spines are a bit darkened and the slipcases rubbed and a bit soiled, but overall a very good copy of this very unusual and important set.  Not merely painting and printmaking, but also the plastic arts, and a bit of architecture, etc. are addressed in these wide-ranging and well-illustrated volumes.  Complete, as issued.
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