[MAP - JAPAN] HAYASHI Shihei. EZO NO KUNI ZENZU. This is a "shazu" or handcopied version of the original printed map which was published in Edo, by Suharaya Shihei, in Temmei 5 [1785].

Colored map of Hokkaid├┤, 50 x 92 cm, folds into 17.8 x 12 cm covers with title label. Our copy resembles the 1825 reprint at http://angel.library.ubc.ca/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/tokuga wa&CISOPTR=78&REC=4 from the Beans collection at the UBC library. As we said, though, ours is a copy of the separate publication from 1785 [the Beans 1785.9, p.25]. The printed original is a great rarity and other hand-copied versions like this one, probably done in the mid-19th century, are certainly known.

In very nice condition. A handsome and interesting map of this frontier region of Japan. From the collection of Roger Keyes.