[Papermaking, Korean] Gotô Seikichirô. KANKOKU NO KAMI. Tokyo, Gohachi, Shôwa 55 [1980]. Orihon folding album (24 x 18.3 cm) in block-printed paper covers. Number 12 of a limited edition of 150 copies and is signed and sealed by Gotô, certainly the most important historian of East Asian papermaking in the post-war era. It is one of the few works ever done on Korean papermaking, and is the third in a three part series on Asian papermaking undertaken by Gotô in the late 1970's, though it is complete in itself. The book contains one paper sample, 21 stencilled plates, and informative text (in Japanese) all on lovely rough brown handmade paper. It is as new in a printed white paper covered folding case.