SERIZAWA KEISUKE. MASHIKO HIGAERI. This work was originally privately printed by Serizawa in 1943 in katazome stencil printing, bound fukuro-toji, string-bound Japanese-style. 23 full page colored stencil plates. The first 25 copies of A DAY TRIP TO MASHIKO were in full size, as here, 30.2 x 21.5 cm. Another 25 copies were printed on half-sized sheets and present a different impression. Then this printing in 15 large paper copies only was done by Serizawa the following year, all printed and signed by him and enclosed in elegant wooden boxes, also signed and titled by him. With the original printed fukuro dustwrapper. Obviously one of the rarest of all works by Serizawa, this copy being distinguished by its completeness and overall condition. It should also be mentioned that Serizawa's home and Tôkyô workshop there were utterly destroyed during the firebombings of 1945. It was just before and during the war that Serizawa refined his skills at stencil-printing, which would be recognized after the war when he was named a LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE. It was also the time that Serizawa cemented his relationship with the great founder of the Craft Movement in Japan, Yanagi Sôetsu, and became Mingei's most famous artistic practitioner.