[MAVO] TOLLER, Ernst. TSUBAME NO SHO. Tokyo: Chôryûsha Shoten, 1925. Translated by Murayama Tomoyoshi. Illustrated by Okada Tatsuo. 8vo., printed decorated wrappers. Contains 15 full-page original linocuts by Okada, one of a very few works with his MAVO- style original prints. Externally and internally a bit soiled, browned and foxed. Referenced in virtually every work and bibliography on the subject of Taishô-era avant-garde art, this is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT COPY OF THIS BOOK IN EXISTENCE. It is the translator, Murayama Tomoyoshi's personal copy, with his stamp from when he lived in Kashiwagi, Shinjuku in Tôkyô. It has extensive handwritten notes and corrections to the translation interpolated into the text. It would appear that they were done at two different times, perhaps one before and one after the war. Included is a copy of the Murayama and Shimatani Itsuo revised translation, published in 1971. Murayama would die in 1977.