[AVANT GARDE] Tamamura Zennosuke, Nogawa Takeshi, et al. EPOKKU EPOCK V BANKIN KEIKÔ GEIJUTSU EXPRESSIONISM CUBISM IMAGINISM FUTURISM Epokku-sha, Tôkyô, Taishô 12 [1923] 24.1 x 16.5 cm, bound in illustrated wrappers, Western-style. The brothers Nogawa, Ryû and Hajime, were closely involved in the creation of this art and poetry journal. This 5th issue, dedicated to the art movements at that point in full flood in Japan, represented the last issue of EPOCH. It would be succeeded by Tamamura and Nogawa Ryû producing the famous Dadaist magazine, Ge.Gjmgjgam.Prrr.Gjmgem [GGPG] soon after with the eventual participation of Kitasono Katsue, who was a roommate of the Nogawa brothers at that time. Tamamura Zennosuke, a founding member of the SANKA avant garde art group, is responsible for one of the two main critical articles in this issue of EPOCH and created the illustrations for the covers and internal cuts.

As a footnote for any Japanese mystery writing enthusiast, it should be mentioned that Nogawa Takeshi had published material in EPOCH in which he used the nom de plume EDOGAWA RAMPO at least a year before Hirai Tarô did so. In any event, GGPG was self- described as the successor to EPOCH and both journals' contents and creators had an enormous influence on the world of the avant garde in Japan thereafter.