[DESIGN]. Yamanaka Kichirôbei. MOYÔ HINAGATA NANIWA NO UME 2 vols. Ôsaka & Tôkyô, Meiji 19 [1886]. 25.2 x 18.5 cm., string- bound Japanese-style, fukuro-toji. As Dr. Scott Johnson explained in his extensive work on the world of Kyôto design books, Yamanaka Kichirôbei might be described as the pioneer of the late 19th century rebirth of design book puiblication. In this and his MIYAKO NO NISHIKI, also published in 1886, Yamanaka reprinted a kimono design pattern book from the 18th century, with the addition of new color blocks to enhance the effect. He was anticipating an interest in Design for textiles which would soon emerge full blown with the printing firms of firstly Tanaka Jihei and soon thereafter the independent design printshops run by the brothers behind Unsôdô and Unkindô, that would revolutionize the field. This copy of the set is in good condition internally, with excellent color and impressions on the newly carved color blocks. The covers have intact title labels. All enclosed in a custom clasped chitsu case. By no means common. It appears there are a very few odd volumes in institutions, but the only complete set I have heard mention of was the one seen by Dr. Johnson. This set consists of the Jô and Ge volumes, the first volume with a color printed title page on the mikaeshi, then 3 pages of introductory text, two pages of women and children and 60 pages of kimono design. Volume three consists of 58 pages of kimono design and a colophon page. It does not have the obi designs Dr. Johnson describes. Other copies I have tracked down also seem to have varying pagination and content. Since 18th century vintage blocks appear to have been used as the keyblocks, it is possible there was a lot of mixing and matching - two titles and many differences within. As described (and quite possibly, as published).