[KABUKI] OKANO Seki, editor. KABUKI SHIMPÔ Long run of the Magazine. Published from 1879 until its demise in 1897, the KABUKI NEWS was the primary organ of traditional Kabuki theatre in Japan. At various stages published by the so-called Kabuki Shimpô Publishing Company and later by Kitahara Suehara (Genrokukan) in Tôkyô, nearly 1700 numbers of the journal were produced, with news of performances, b+w woodcut illustrations and in some later issues full-color woodblock covers or frontispieces designed by the ukiyo-e masters of the day. A remarkable resource for students of the history of Kabuki in the Meiji era. The issues were bound in wrappers. We have 538 issues in hand in very clean condition. Some seem to have been removed from multivolume bindings but are complete. So, almost one third of the total published. A useful and important find.