[EHON] Tanigami Kônan, artist. Seiyô SOKA ZUFU. Kyoto: Unsôdô, Taishô 6 [1917]. 5 volumes. Orihon folding albums, each 27.8 x 18.8 cm, in boards with printed paper title labels. There are two "Spring" volumes, bound separately, two "Summer" volumes, then "Fall" & "Winter" are bound together, each with the publisher's title slip. Each season has a table of contents listing the prints [in English, kana and kanji, where appropriate]. This complete set consists of 125 (each image size 22.4 x 33.1cm) double-page prints. There is no mention of this book in any of the standard Western references (a fact which illustrates again the need for an Unsôdô bibliography!). These "Seiyô", i.e. "Western", flowers are depicted in a realistic fashion and printed in lovely rich colors with a great deal of skill. Unlike some other botanicals, no bald descriptive text intrudes upon the print itself. The captions are banished to the margin. In the case of the SEIYÔ ZUFU, the very earliest impressions are on delicate paper which weakens a bit at the fold. The covers are a bit worn, but the impressions are very good, the internal condition good (with some paper browning and some folds starting a bit) and the colors lovely. It is one of the nicer examples of this important botanical that we have seen.


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