[DESIGN] Nishimura Kichiemon Shôten. ZUAN BUNKO, Dai-ikkan, Dai-chigo. Kyôto, [Meiji 41 {1908}], 25.1 x 18.3 cm., Illustrated western-style wrappers. 12 full page plates. 2 in color woodblock, 6 in color reproduction (litho?, collotype?) 3 in grey scale (collotype?) and one photo reproduction. Along with a bit of text, this volume one, number one of a design periodical ["DESIGN LIBRARY"] was put out by the Nishimura textile concern at the corner of Sanjô and Teramachi Streets. One of a number of ephemeral productions which inscribed the heyday of design development in early 20th century Kyôto. A bit edgeworn with a bent cover corner but overall in very good condition. Fragile and very unusual.


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