[BOATS - HANDSCROLL] SEIKO, artist. TWO HANDSCROLLS OF OCEAN AND FRESHWATER BOATS. The box is inscribed by the artist Seiko, zodically dated to 1933 while the scrolls themselves are dated 1931. The ocean scroll is about 458 cm long, the lake and river scroll is about 272 cm long, and both are about 29.2 cm high. The scroll box is inscribed in ink with the Japanese character for "boat". Though we have found a few other paintings online with his signature and seal, Seiko remains a mysterious figure but one obviously adept at the 20th century "Nihonga" style. These delightful scrolls are roughly chronological, taking one from the dawn of history with people using baskets and turtle shells, all the way up to circa 1930 ocean liners. One scroll is dedicated to ocean vessels, the other to boats from rivers, ponds and lakes. A rather deluxe production on excellent paper, with lovely scroll handles and brocade covers. Perhaps a commission from a wealthy patron. With the slightest spalting of the gofun powder defining some waves. Else very fine throughout. A lovely example of the genre.