[MIMEOGRAPH/STENCIL ART] Wakayama Yasôji, poet and artist. MAHÔ NO TORI. Tôkyô, Seiensô. N.D [1966?]. #6 of 80 copies, signed of 180 copies, total. Small western-bound half leather and printed sheet styrofoam? volume, illustrated by Wakayama in his own technique of stencil art, named kôhan. 16 x 12.2 cm. The fine art printmaking technique of kôhan was developed in 1941 by Wakayama [1903-83], a close associate of Onchi Kôshirô. He was an enormously prolific single sheet printmaker using color woodblock and kôhan, but this charming little volume is one of his scarce and wonderful artist' books. Much like Takei Takeo, Wakayama appears to have been fascinated by the artistic potential of contemporary industrial materials. Here he has turned to printing using images stencilled via a mimeograph process onto sheets of a styrofoam-like material. The condition of this ultralight and delicate book is excellent, but the images and printed text have suffered from transfer effects, illustrating that not all radical experiments end happily. Still interesting, in the original styrofoam box and cardboard outer shipping box.
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