[DESIGN - HIINAGATABON] Ebishiya Chûshichi, artist. HINAGATA MIYAKO NO HARU Chû. [Kyôto & Ôsaka, Kikuya Kihei, Nodaya Riemon, Kashiwabaraya Seiemon, Enkyô 4 {1747}] 26.5 x 18.4 cm. 34 full page b+w printed kimono designs. The KSSM locates no copies in Japan, but references two bibliographies. There is a copy in the Diet Library of a book with the same title, but it would appear to be a later edition, or a different book, published c.1800. There is a copy at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Original? covers, no title label. Soiling, stains, some worming. Good impressions. Volume two, only, of three published.
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