[DESIGN - HIINAGATABON] NAKAJIMA Tanjirô, [Matsune Kôtô?] et al. HINAGATA GIONBAYASHI Jô. N.P., N.D. [Kyôto, Toyama Ihei, Shôtoku 4 {1714}] Ôhon, 25.9 x 17.7cm. There are 42 full page Rimpa- influenced designs in this volume one of a three volume series. A copy was shown at the TREASURES BY RIMPA MASTERS exhibition shown at the Heiseikan in Tôkyô in 2008 for the 350 year anniversary of Ogata Kôrin's birth. KSSM (6, 720-3). Some staining, page wrinkling etc. A fair copy only of a fair to good impression of this rare example of a scarce genre. The KSSM only locates 2 complete sets and one odd single volume like this one. We could locate none outside Japan.
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