Sales Questionnaire

So you've found an old book in your Grandmother's attic; you've been collecting books on Asian travel for 25 years and now your collecting interests have changed; you want to cull some items from you collection of vintage photographs: people sell us material every day for any number of reasons. In order to help us begin the process of assessing our interest in your books, please fill out the questionnaire below. 

Please be patient, we get many of these requests. If you want to speak to a human, call us at 1-800-653-7767, but please first look over the questions we ask below, as knowing the answers will help us help you.

Title For Sale 


Please advise us of any special features, illustrations, or limitation. If a collection, what is the number and character of the books? Do you know anything of the history of the book or books? Has it been in your possession for a long time? Where was it purchased? Etc..