DECORATORS Boston Book Company has supplied books for permanent installations to decorators and designers for years. We tailor the material to your budget and requirements, from fine leather bindings or turn of the century decorated cloth, to shelf upon shelf of modern works.

We carry an extensive inventory of appropriate books and can help with the "look" requested by a wide variety of clients. From single volumes to entire libraries, we can assemble the necessary material to meet your deadline.

PHOTOGRAPHERS AND FILMMAKERS Need to lease books for a photo shoot or movie set? We can do that.

GIFT SERVICES We offer a fine selection of Western imprints from the 16th to the 20th centuries, as well as an extensive collection of Japanese woodblock print books and scrolls. East Asian art, history and travel are represented as well. Our first editions, signed copies, deluxe bindings and sets make gift shopping a pleasure. Come browse either online or in person - there's something for everyone. Please contact us via email or at the telephone number below.

Phone: 617-522-2100 (ask for Helen Kelly)