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WALD, George. LOT OF SCIENTIFIC OFFPRINTS OF NOBEL PRIZE WINNER 1967. 81 offprints, 1934-1974, from various scientific and medical journals, including Nature, Science, American Journal of Ophthalmology, Journal of General Physiology, Journal of Ophthalmology Society of America, as well as a few textbook chapters and conference proceedings. All in fine or near fine condition, some with a few external notations (Wald's, most likely). Some of the papers are collaborations with one or more co-authors, including Ruth Hubbard and T. Yoshizawa. Primarily concerning the molecular biology of vision; the topics include rhodopsin and iodopsin in humans and animals, Vitamin A deficiency and night blindness, color blindness, visual pigments in human and animal retinas, violet receptors in human vision, the chemistry of rod vision, and more. A list of representative works (* indicates collaborative work): Analysis of Retinal Function by a Two-Filter Method. JOSA. 1960. Carotenoids and the Vitamin A Cycle in Vision. Nature. 1934. Change in Refractive Power of the Human Eye in Dim and Bright Light, The. JOSA. 1947. * Chemistry of Rod Vision, The. Science. 1951. Chemistry of Visual Excitation, The. SBC India Souvenir 1955. Color-Vision Mechanisms in the Peripheral Retinas of Normal and Dichromatic Observers. JGP. 1973. * Defective Color Vision and Its Inheritance. PNAS. 1966. Die retinalen Grundlagen des menschlichen Sehens. ZDOG. Heidelburg 1964. Fractionation of the Eye Pigments of Drosophila Melanogaster. JGP. 1946. * Hindered CIS Isomers of Vitamin A and Retinene: The Structure of the Neo-b Isomer. PNAS. 1956 * Human Color Vision and Color Blindness. CSHSQB. Vol. XXX 1965. * Human Rhodopsin. Science. 1958. * Identification of a Violet receptor in human Color Vision. Science. 1954. * Les Prix Nobel En 1967: The Molecular Basis of Visual Excitation. Stockholm 1968. Mobilization of Vitamin A by the Sympathicoadrenal System. AJP. 1940. * Nutritional Night Blindness. ANYAS. 1958. * Orientation of Rhodopsin and other Pigments in Dry Films, The. JGP. 1972. * Oscillations of Potential in the Electroretinogram of the Lobster. JGP. 1968. Photochemical Aspects of Visual Excitation. ECR. 1958. Photochemistry of Iodopsin. Nature. 1967. * Yoshizawa Porphyropsin Visual System, The. JGP. 1939. Prob.

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