Painting and Poem - Red Fuji. KAKEMONO - HANGING SCROLL, artist Sugiura HISUI.

Painting and Poem - Red Fuji.

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[KAKEMONO - HANGING SCROLL] Sugiura HISUI, artist. PAINTING AND POEM - Red Fuji. Hanging scroll, image size 52 1/4" X 26 1/2". Beautifully mounted on brocade. The painting is signed and sealed by Sugiura Hisui (1876-1965), responsible between the wars and after for Mitsukoshi department stores' trendsetting design and publicity. He has been rediscovered within the last decade. Among a number of other shows illustrating his role in creating "Taisho chic", there was a wonderful retrospective on his lifetime of work hung at the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art in 2000. This large and lovely work reveals his debt to tradition. With a presentation letter from him to a professor acquaintance, Hiruma Masamichi, dated New Year's day, Sho^wa 40 (1965), the year Hisui died. A note on the box indicates this scroll was hung at the influential Issuikai annual exhibit. In a scroll box and outer slipcase.

Price: $4,850.00