Item #90222 [Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll] [Birds and Bamboo]
[Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll] [Birds and Bamboo]
[Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll] [Birds and Bamboo]
[Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll] [Birds and Bamboo]

[Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll] [Birds and Bamboo]

Item #90222

[Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll]
[Birds and Bamboo]
Tsuguzane Keisai 紹真蕙斎? (Kuwagata Keisai 鍬形蕙斎), artist and
Shokusanjin 蜀山人 (Ōta Nanpo 大田南畝), calligrapher
[late Edo Period?]

Monochrome painting of bamboo and two birds. Hanging scroll, image size 85.2cm x 34cm (with 39cm of silk fabric border at top and 16.5cm of silk border at bottom). The painting is signed and sealed by the artist Kuwagata Keisai 鍬形蕙斎 and the poem is signed by the calligrapher Ōta Nanpo 大田南畝.

Ōta Nanpo 大田南畝 (1749-1823) was a writer of works in a number of genres, such as gesaku 戯作 (light, popular literature) and kyōka 狂歌 (satirical tanka) during the mid to late Edo period. He used numerous pen names (KSSM lists over 30), including the one signed on this work, Shokusanjin 蜀山人. A prolific writer, he was well known as the author of the lighthearted work, Hentsū Karuizawa 変通軽井茶話, and Ichiwa Ichigen 一話一言. A contemporary of Hokusai, he collaborated with him and other influential artists of the time to create ehon, hanging scrolls and other works of art.

Kuwagata Keisai 鍬形蕙斎 (1764–1824), who also used a number of pen names (the most well-known of which was Kitao Masayoshi 北尾政美) was known for his loose, minimal brush strokes and woodblock prints. His work is held in the MET in New York City and in museums internationally.

In a wooden box 42.5cm x 7.5cm with original and modern labels. Original label reads: 竹: 四拾九 (Bamboo: 49). Slight worming on lower end of scroll; worming all the way through on lower fabric border. Otherwise fine condition.

We bought this painting as an attribution only. That said, it is a lovely work with both artist and calligrapher showing considerable skill. A wonderful addition to a collection.

Price: $850.00