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[Meishoki].Akisato Ritō 秋里籬嶋, author. Yamaguchi Soken 山口素絢, Matsumura Goshun 松村 呉春, Sakuma Sōen 佐久間草偃 et al. TÔKAIDÔ MEISHÔ ZUE 東海道名所図会 Kansei 9 [1797] Osaka, Kyoto & Edo 6 volumes 25.9 x 18.3 cm string-bound, Japanese style, fukuro-toji, with printed paper title labels. Black and white original woodblock prints by various Kyoto artists including Yamaguchi Soken 山口素絢 (1759 - 1818), Matsumura Goshun 松村 呉春 (1752-1811), Sakuma Sōen 佐久間草偃 (?-1814), et al. Preliminary pages, index and pages of text in Japanese throughout. Vol 1 has 5 cho of preliminary text and 70 cho of woodcuts, text and an index. Vol 2 has 82 cho of woodcuts with index and text, Vol 3 has 81 cho with index and text, Vol 4 has 70 cho with index and text, Vol 5 has 67 cho with index and text and Vol 6 has 78 cho with index, text, afterword and colophon.

Scenes from the history of the fabled Tōkaidō 東海道, the Eastern Sea Route that was a post road from Edo (now Tokyo) to Kyoto. The woodcuts depict everyday interactions among travelers and locals and landscapes of land and water from the 300 plus miles that included multiple shukuba 宿場 (post stations) along the route.

Good impressions and overall condition. The labels of volumes one and three are partly worn away, the wrappers of volume one are quite worn. String of binding of Vol 4 and 5 is intact on upper sections. Complete. Please see Mitchell 528-9.

Price: $2,500.00