Item #91066 [Bat scroll] [Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll]. artist Okamoto Toyohiko 岡本豊彦.
[Bat scroll] [Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll]

[Bat scroll] [Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll]

Item #91066

[Bat scroll] [Kakemono 掛け物 - Hanging Scroll]
Okamoto Toyohiko 岡本豊彦, artist

This painting of a bat (kōmori コウモリ, 蝙蝠), a symbol of good fortune, is depicted in a small horizontal hanging scroll in fan format. Mounted on a lovely brocade backing, it is approx 20” high by 28” wide including the mounting. Such fan paintings were not unusual in the Shijō genre. Quotidian items like fans, sliding cabinet doors, floor and table screens - Shijō evoked the everyday and gave it aesthetic vigor as decoration for the individual and the home.

A student of Matsumura Goshun 松村呉春 (1752-1811), Okamoto Toyohiko 岡本豊彦 (1773-1845) was a major figure in Shijō school painting, helping to develop the Shijō style in the early 19th century. Shijō paintings in general had achieved a bit of a renaissance of interest outside Japan late in the 20th century, but it appears that now they are being largely ignored once again in the West. Shijō-ha 四条派 or Shijō school, also known as the Maruyama–Shijō school, was a naturalistic school of painting founded in the 18th century that combined Japanese painting techniques and a western point of view and was founded by Maruyama Okyo 円山応挙 (1733-95) and his former student Goshun. For more about the artist, see The British Museum: and
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With the signature and seals; purchased in upstate New York in the mid-1980s. Very good condition.

Price: $1,200.00