Any lover of Japanese art knows the name of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) of course. The circumstances of his biography are no mystery.

In many ways, he was the last great genius of Japanese art, at least as a practitioner of the ukiyoe school, Hokusai left his indelible mark on the aesthetics of late Edo. 

Imagine our understanding of Japanese art without the Hundred Views of Fuji, or the MANGA.... Almost as impossible as imagining Renaissance art without Leonardo. They changed our world by changing their own.

So, here are a few books by Hokusai and his followers... Not the rare and beautiful illustrated poetry anthologies of his early and middle years, when he was an up and coming artist working with Tsutaya and other deluxe printing houses. Rather these are the books from his later years that were so immensely popular it is very hard to find early acceptable printings of them. 

There are nice copies in this list. I have been squirrelling them away for years. Enjoy!


Charles Vilnis

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