Methods of Treatment to be used with Persons apparently dead

1788. Item #78108

HUMANE SOCIETY of Massachusetts. The Institution of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: with the Rules for regulating said Society, and the Methods of Treatment to be used with Persons apparently dead; with a Number of recent Cases proving the happy Effects thereof. Boston: Printed in the Year 1788. Octavo. 27pp. First edition. The earlier and probably larger of two 1788 editions. The second publication of the Humane Society of Massachusetts, founded "for the recovery of persons who meet with such accidents as produce in them the appearance of death." Contains the statement of purpose and regulations of the Society, which gave awards and medals to lifesavers and maintained "Huts of Refuge" where lifeboats were stored, a list of officers and members, methods of treatment in cases of drowning or freezing, and accounts of cases of resuscitation. Methods included blowing tobacco smoke into the "fundament," and surrounding with hot bricks. Some dog-earing; corners of five pages frayed, but no damage to printed area. Sewn into early blue-gray wrappers, also dog-eared, with some tiny chips. (Austin, Early American Imprints, 998; Evans 21158). Second Publication of the Human Society of Massacusettts.

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