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[EMAKI - HANDSCROLL]. HANDSCROLL OF DUCK IMAGES Ishizaki Koyo, artist. Emaki handscroll in decorated handmade Japanese paper with a blank title label, internally sealed. 5.545 meters in length, 26.2 cm in height, image size. A series of art anatomical drawings of a male magamo (mallard) Uses a technique of depiction seen in the important EISHO HYAKUSHO GAFU, a series of bird images in 4 volumes printed in the Taisho era, edited by Takeuchi Seiho, in which a combination of sumi sketching and detailed realistic coloring gives a surrealistic flavor to the bird studies. Koyo [1884-1947] was a member of the second generation of the Kyoto School of painters. Born in Toyama, he was first a student of the Rimpa artist Yamamoto Koichi, then, not surprisingly, the great Takeuchi Seiho. Koyo is an important artist in his own right, whose colorful and decorative paintings have gained popularity in recent decades. This scroll is in near perfect condition.

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